Conference Day One - Wednesday, 1 May

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Jamahl Waddington
Head of Infrastructure

Infrastructure strategies to support population growth
Delivering the infrastructure needed for growth – a Queensland perspective
  • Overview of the Queensland infrastructure pipeline and priorities
  • Combining long term infrastructure and land use planning
  • Key challenges including productivity and transitioning Queensland regional economies

Leah Kelly
Deputy Director-General - Infrastructure and Regional Strategy
QLD Department of State

PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the most essential strategies to successfully build Australia's future infrastructure?
  • What are the top three infrastructure priorities Australia should focus on to meet the demands of population growth?
  • What strategies should Australia adopt to make its infrastructure more sustainable and resilient?
  • How can we leverage technology such as artificial intelligence and data analytics to optimise infrastructure operations and improve the overall performance of critical infrastructure networks?


Louise Adams
Chief Operating Officer


Leah Kelly
Deputy Director-General - Infrastructure and Regional Strategy
QLD Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

Camillo Masci
Executive General Manager - Building
CPB Contractors

Morning Tea and Networking
Designing and developing infrastructure to support the needs of Australia’s growing population
  • Identifying the infrastructure needed to support surging population growth
  • Investigating the link between increased need for community infrastructure and housing growth
  • Understanding why infrastructure investment is important to provide access to essential services in urban areas

Colleen McDonnell
Manager, City Planning & Heritage
City of Adelaide

Reimagining infrastructure governance for a growing population – aligning strategy with needs
  • Identifying the gaps between strategic planning and actual project implementation to clarify whether infrastructure projects suit a community's needs
  • Solving complex challenges by exploring how international best practices in infrastructure governance can address social, environmental, economic, and public health challenges
  • Fostering inclusivity in infrastructure decisions to build more inclusive and deliberative infrastructure governance processes

Dr Tooran Alizadeh
Associate Professor of Urbanism and Infrastructure, ARC Future Fellow and Co-convener of Smart Urbanism Lab
University of Sydney

Accelerating economic growth and elevating social infrastructure
Navigating complex construction, seamless integration, and community trust
  • Overcoming complex engineering challenges to ensure a reliable and efficient public transport network
  • Seamlessly integrating with existing transport infrastructure to provide the community with a seamless travel experience
  • Spending time and resources on community engagement throughout the project to build trust and support for the project and its benefits across the community

Russell Vine
General Manager Communications and Engagement
Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

Networking Lunch
Mitigating social infrastructure risks: performance management, pipeline development, and critical concerns
  • Evaluating performance metrics to ensure social infrastructure meets community needs
  • Developing robust project pipelines that align with demographic changes and societal trends
  • Addressing critical risks such as funding volatility and public-private partnership challenges

Bileen Nel
Director Infrastructure
Hilltops Council

Creating infrastructure that fosters vibrant & successful regional and remote communities

Sonja Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Regional Development Australia – Tropical North

Understanding Australia's population trends and infrastructure challenges

Dr Nigel Stapledon
Chief Advisor

Afternoon Networking
Networking Drinks
Conference Day One & Networking Adjourns